CapSource Education

Highlights / projects I've worked on for CapSource as a Technology Intern (Summer 2020), and currently as a Product Manager & UX Associate. This page will continue to be updated with new projects currently in development upon completion. For more information about CapSource, you can view the company website here.

"Project Pool" Feature Pitch

In my first intern project, I worked with two other interns to develop and pitch a new feature idea to the product + dev teams. The "Project Pool" feature sought to organize project listings for CapSource's 3 main users - students, educators, & companies - increasing efficiency by 70% compared to old project listings model. The final wireframe for the project pool home page + individual engagement info page used during our pitch was designed by me using Figma. Screenshots of my wireframe are listed below.

Student Onboarding UX Design

As a UX associate, I took on developing the initial wireframes for CapSource's new student onboarding experience to be utilized by educator clients. Using feedback and direction from existing and potential clients, I designed multiple iterations (low to high fidelity) of the student onboarding experience using Figma, and pitched my wireframes to the product + design teams. My designs were eventually adopted into CapSource's official student experience prototype, used during high profile pitches to universities. A preview of the desktop + mobile wireframes I pitched are shown below. You can view the full prototype here.

Personal Branding + Linkedin Workshop

I hosted a workshop titled "Building Your Personal Brand & Optimizing Linkedin" as part of CapSource's biweekly personal & professional development sessions, dedicated to providing value for the entire team. During the workshop, I provided tips for determining one's personal brand, networking & content creation tips via Linkedin, and more. A preview of some of my presentation slides can be viewed below. You can view my full presentation deck here.


2020 Summer Intern Team Photo

Intern of the Week Instagram Takeover

I was awarded "Intern of the Week" in July 2020, and took over the official CapSource Instagram account's stories to showcase "A Day in the Life of an Intern". My Instagram story posts boosted typical engagement on the account by 88%, garnering attention from the official Handshake company account, and was reposted by the official USFCA instagram account (with an audience of nearly 25,000 followers).