About Me


Hi there, my name is Tawny (she/her)! I'm currently an incoming senior at the University of San Francisco, majoring in computer science and minoring in advertising. At the moment, I'm serving as a Digital IT Project Coordinator Intern at Hasbro, and an eCommerce Product Marketing Manager Intern at Fellow Coffee Products.

I’m an aspiring technical product manager, UX design enthusiast, FGLI college student, biracial Korean American, + advocate for others, passionate about using tech for social good and weaving my intersectional experiences into meaningful, inclusive work.

I'm constantly feeding my curiousity whether it's through improving my coding skills, redesigning UIs on Figma + Adobe XD, trying my hand at amateur photography + storytelling through video, or helping others realize their potential + build their personal brands online.

When I'm not coding or designing wireframes, you can find me listening to music on Spotify, capturing the beauty around me with my iPhone camera, exploring San Francisco, or learning to cook my favorite Korean dishes. I'm also always looking for a good cup of coffee or milk tea, so I'd love to hear some of your cafe + caffeine recommendations!

Feel free to connect with me via Linkedin, GitHub or email (-:

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